Solo tienes que creer en ti*

I don’t even know why I’m writing in here again.

This blog’s days are definitely numbered. I might end up doing what Gina did and start another blog at the web site. Eventually, I’ll just let this domain name expire and I’m reasonably certain nobody is reading these reflections anyway.

That said … I find myself with a few things to say.

As of this writing, I am 35 days away from graduation.



I’m not going straight to graduate school, though. I’m going to be taking a year off and working, mainly because I didn’t get into any of the graduate schools I applied to, mainly because I didn’t find anybody to mentor me on my road to a Ph.D.

I have fixed all that at this point. The lucky institution is likely to be the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where the lovely and talented Professor Rudolf Colleredo-Mansfeld is to be found. He is a colleague of our very own Jason Antrosio and I have talked to him about applying there. We have agreed that I have found what looks like a good fit.

I am ecstatic.

Meanwhile, this year off will give me a chance to rest, save a little money and enjoy no longer being broke … at least for awhile. Who knows? I might even write in my blog a little more often.

I am in the running for an attractive position with the local county Industrial Development Association … because you know there was just no way to keep me away from economic development, right?

I’ve been kind of doing a yo-yo thing of up and down, especially in light of the nightmare I’ve been having about my car. But, right now, in spite of my transportation issues, I’m feeling pretty good about things.

*A veces, tengo que usar las letras de una canción en español cuando esa canción dice mejor lo que quiero decir.

Where am I going and what will I find?

So, here I am. It’s Valentine’s Day, which is an absolutely meaningless quasi-holiday in my life at this point. (Actually, it has always been fairly meaningless for me, now that I think about it … )

But never mind my non-existent love life. The really important fact of life for me right now is that I have completed the first week of my last semester at Hartwick College. I’m so excited I could just about piss myself.

Well, probably not, really …

I’m taking two Economics courses, one Anthropology course, one Spanish course, and TAing in one Economics course. Pretty full schedule. Plus, I am somewhat reliably informed that from here through graduation in May, I’m going to be furiously busy doing senior-ish things, the likes of which I cannot imagine right this second.

As of this moment, the semester seems like every other semester that I’ve ever taken. I don’t know if that’s going to change but, if it does, it probably won’t happen until next month at the earliest. Next month is when I find out where I got into graduate school. Once I know that (meaning, once I know where I’m moving to over the summer), I expect the pace of events to pick up just a tad.

In the meantime, I’ll be spending a significant amount of time privately squee-ing inside my head at the thought that I’m almost done!!!

It might not seem like such a big deal to you (especially since I’m not really almost done, because I have another 5 years ahead of me in grad school) but it is HUGE to me.

Perspective is everything. And I am disinclined to take anything for granted at this stage of the game.

Hello again, hello

So believe it or not, I find myself in the unenviable position of having to re-start my blog for the second time in about six months.

I lost everything again … not that there was much to lose, since I wasn’t coming in here all that often. But still …

In fact, I was blogging infrequently enough and this is all such a hassle that I’m considering just pitching the blog thing altogether. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, I’m getting this place back up and running … just in case.